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Racks and shed antlers.

Updated 10/21/16
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Wow, now here is a rarity. This is a tremendous set of 2005 sheds from Wyoming. As a bonus, we also have the right side shed  from 2003 and the left side shed from 2004. What a great mount/display package !.
 These 4 antlers have a combined weight of nearly 8 3/4 lbs.
Now bear in mind that all of these antler score well into the 70's and with ONLY 3 H measurements !!!
The  2004 shed  is a heavy 5 point in perfect natural brown condition. This is a migratory mountain buck, so he has a dark natural color. Rough score 73 1/4

The 2003 right shed was found in 2004 so it has faded, but it is a nice smooth antler .Rough score 73 3/4
Neither of these has any chews or breaks.

The 2005 set has an estimated inside spread of 18 1/2" & outside spread of 28". Great non-typical 6x6. Fabulous mass on these.2 non-typical tines broken and rounded off or that right side would have been an 8 point. Superb color. No chews. Picture these as a mount.
Rough score  75 5/8" left side and 79" right side.
Rough gross 173 1/4 with just 3 H measurements

What a conversation group  

MD Set A11
All 4 antlers.
$ 250.00

MD Set A16
Another nice heavy set of sheds. These weigh over 4lbs., 10 ozs . 7x6. Estimated outside spred of 27" and inside17 1/2". Antlers score 80 7/8" & 84" . Rough gross of 182"+ .Excellent mass and great gnarly burrs. These are 2006Wyoming sheds by the way !! Perfect color and condition. Not so much as a chip.


Muley 92
24 1/2" outside spread, solid skull plate, nice dark antlers .
$ 275.00

Mule Deer 60
Nice larger set of lighter colored 2009 sheds. These still both have traces of velvet on them  and are both uniquely colored, so this deer is probably injured .
Both antlers are approximately 21" straight line form burr to back tine. Both even have the same tine chipped. Neat craft or display antlers.

$ 100.00


MD A33
Great set of 4x5 cutoffs. Perfect color and condition.Probably score in 150's. Not so much as a chip.Estimated 24"-25" spread.
Weigh 3 1/4 lbs.
$ 125.


Single Mule Deer Shed Antlers.
Here are some nice single examples for display, collections, lamps, etc. There are a variety of sizes and grades.
We have a lot of nice 75" to 85" singles for you chandelier makers .