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This is our specials page. Nice antlers, racks, etc. They just do not make the grade for our normal pages due to size, damage, repairs, etc. Great craft material or low cost mounters for display, etc .

MD 151

Nice 4x5 mule deer rack. 27" wide. No breaks or repairs. Poorly mounted on a homemade plaque. Would look nice remounted. Still has original hunter's tag.

$ 100.


MD A24
Nice 4x5 set of cutoffs. Perfect for crafts or mounting. Perfect color without so much as a chip. Estimated inside spread of 16" and outside of 23" . Nice aberage size nuley. Rough score in 160's.


MD D164

Very heavy and gnarly set of 3x5 mule deer cutoffs. These weigh 4 1/2 lbs and the burrs are 2 1/2" across. The large 3 point side is a shade lighter as the deer died with this side sticking up out of the snow which is how he was found.Inside spread is estimated at 27"+ and outside at 30"+. No breaks, chips, cracks, etc. If you look closely, the G2 on the 5 point side has 2 light teeth marks on the back. Main beams are both over 23". Right antler scores over 78" and left over 65". Left side never grew a brow tine. Using 23 3/4" spread credit, these rough score 167+ . Great craft set or would make a nice mount. Burrs are intact.


  MD A23
Excellent set of craft or mounting antlers. 5 x6 cutoffs.Excellent color and condition.Estimated inside spread of 17 1/2" and outside of 23" . Probably score in the 160's

MD A42

Very nice 6x6 mule deer cutoff. Both burrs have matching "devil's tines".Right antler has a VERY minor saw scratch above the back of the burrr, otherwise perfect color and condition with extremely sharp points. Outside spread is estimated at 24" and inside at 16".
Great craft, display, or mounting antlers.

MD A33
Great set of 4x5 cutoffs. Perfect color and condition.Probably score in 150's. Not so much as a chip.Estimated 24"-25" spread.
Weigh 3 1/4 lbs.